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4 min readApr 8, 2022

Hello everybody ! It is after several months that we are glad to present to you the alpha version of the BlockBoosted App ! You can check it out right now by going to our landing page, on and clicking on the top right button “Launch Alpha”. Once it is done, you can start enjoying the platform and testing it as much as you want !


It’s finally here ! BlockBoosted Alpha is live !

Create your fully customized crowdfunding campaign in a few clicks and start raising funds in ETH, USDC or BBST, or make a donation to support your favorite project in 2-clicks thanks to our intuitive user interface !

The platform was made to be as easy as possible to use. So there we go! First connect your Metamask wallet to the app using the “Connect Wallet” button on the top right of the page. At the moment, the app only fully support Metamask. If you don’t have Metamask extension installed yet, you can download it on When it is done, start surfing of the several pages of the app!

Note : this alpha is running on RINKEBY test network. Please make sure the Rinkeby network is selected on your Metamask to get access to all the features of the platform.

Select Rinkeby network on Metamask

You will witness a “Create” button. This is where you can launch a new campaign to raise funds. Fill in the campaign form entirely with the duration of your fund raising, customize your page and get funds once your campaign has started. Creators will be able to witness the evolution of their campaign on the explore section of the app.

Example of a campaign page (1/2)
Example of a campaign page (2/2

Once campaigns are available on the platform, anyone with funds on a Metamask wallet will be able to donate to the projects that they find interesting and worth the price. You found something that caught your eye ? Click on the corresponding project, select your plan or make a free donation and give it your support!

Select your plan, confirm the transaction, and your donation is done !

Each participation to a project, regardless of the cryptocurrency used to back it, will allow you to perceive rewards depending on your contributions to the projects available on the platform. For v1, each week, you will be able to claim your BBST tokens on the app. During the Alpha, distribution will occur every day for test purposes ! Keep up your activity on the platform and bring up your stake of BBST tokens!

If you don’t understand how to use the app or if you want to know a little bit more about how the platform works, be sure to check the “How it works” page ! You might find some help there !

Alpha Specifications

Since this the alpha version of our platform, your possibilities of usage will be extended. It will run on the RINKEBY Test Network so no worries about having funds on your wallet.

On the “BBST Token” tab, you can mint as much BBST Tokens as you need so you can fully experience the platform. As said before, rewards were meant to be given every week. On this version, you can claim rewards every day after midnight on the same tab used to mint your BBST Tokens.

Note : you will always need ETH on Rinkeby test network, at least to pay the gas fees. You can get some on Rinkeby ETH faucets such as or

Claim your rewards in BBST !

Note : this alpha is open to everyone. We set up some examples to show what the platform would look like with realistic kind of campaigns. You are encouraged to discover our features, participate and create your own crowdfunding campaign on the platform. But if you do so, please try to make it as if it was a real one ! Campaigns that promote or contains hate speech, offensive, inappropriate or illegal content will not be displayed.

We will be pleased to read what you think about this alpha version of our platform. The “Contact” tab is were you can communicate with our team and give us feedback of your experience on the BlockBoosted App. Your feedback on the alpha is precious for us and highly appreciated !

Make sure to follow us on Medium and Twitter to stay updated on the development of the project !

With that said, until next time…

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