BlockBoosted Alpha v0.2 is LIVE !

BlockBoosted on BSC

This version is running on BNB Smart Chain Testnet.

Why BSC ?

Our main goal with BlockBoosted is to make crowdfunding fairer. Low fees are one of the main arguments we highlighted since the beginning, and it wasn’t compatible with the current state of the Ethereum blockchain with its prohibitively expensive gas fees. As we want to democratize crowdfunding and make it accessible to everyone, we thought that BNB Smart Chain was a good solution with attendance, low gas fees and a growing ecosystem.

How to try BlockBoosted v0.2 ?

It’s easy ! Just go on and connect your metamask wallet on BNB Smart Chain !



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BlockBoosted Team

BlockBoosted Team

Crowdfunding reinvented with #blockchain. Raise funds in cryptocurrency. Support your favorite projects and get rewarded.