BlockBoosted V1 is live !

BlockBoosted Team
2 min readDec 22, 2022

BlockBoosted V1 is now live on BSC Mainnet !

We are very excited to announce you that BlockBoosted is now live on BNB Smart Chain Mainnet.

Create your campaign for free and start raising money for your project, cause, idea or organization. Everyone is welcomed and can create a fundraiser on BlockBoosted.

Browse the existing campaigns and donate to meaningful projects.

V1 features

  • 0% fees
  • Raise & donate in BNB or BUSD on BNB Smart Chain network
  • Fully customizable fundraisers : duration, currency, description and rewards tiers as an option
  • Generate BBST rewards for every donation (available to claim in V2 as an airdrop after BBST launch)

What’s next ?

Our primary goal with this V1 release is to reach as much people as we can. As we want the best user experience possible, we will take the community feedback with a lot of consideration. Please join our Discord server to tell yours and help us improve the platform !

However, we already have some work in progress ! Multi-chain support is one of our priority, and should be implemented in a future release.

The launch of our token (BBST) is also in preparation and will occur for V2, hopefully in a few months, with a new but fair revenue model to ensure the sustainability of the platform. We will provide more information about it during the coming weeks, so don’t forget to follow us on Medium and Twitter !

See you soon on BlockBoosted !



BlockBoosted Team

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