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3 min readJun 25, 2021

Hello World !

This day marks the beginning of our journey. We are excited to build our project with you, reinventing crowdfunding in a fair manner thanks to the blockchain technology.

Origins of Crowdfunding

In the 2010s, the first web crowdfunding platforms started to emerge. Creators could raise money for their projects while directly rewarding backers who financed and trusted them.

These platforms enabled startups and companies to start from scratch, charities to make the world a better place, events to come to life and a spirit of solidarity to grow.

Problems encountered

Unfortunately, there are some issues with central platforms in crowdfunding. First of all, you are totally dependent on the platform itself. Lots of amazing projects have failed to get financed through this process because they were just forbidden to create a campaign. Cryptocurrency related projects fell into this category for instance. It can go even further with platform locking funds from a campaign after accepting it initially. A lot of pressure is also done by their banking partners, preventing tons of ambitious projects to get funded. The platform collects the funds and is an intermediary with all the power that can change the faith of your raise in seconds if they want to.

And this dependency goes far beyond, as these platforms impose huge fees, for itself as well as for payment processing. In total, that’s usually about 8 to 10% of the raise that goes directly into the pockets of intermediaries.

Furthermore, the concept of crowdfunding itself does not put the contributors in the center of the process. Contributors aren’t rewarded as they should whereas they are the most essential piece of the puzzle.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this

We believe that crowdfunding is a great way to fund projects. In fact, crowdfunding is growing fast. But it can’t stay like this. We needed to rethink the way crowdfunding works to make it fair, where neither the creator nor the contributor would be aggrieved.

Blockchain is a way of reducing intermediaries. The crypto community has shown its solidarity, and the use of cryptocurrency through dApp is increasing fast… And that’s how we got to BlockBoosted.


BlockBoosted is a dApp working on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to build a fair and community-based crowdfunding platform in cryptocurrency.

With BlockBoosted, everyone can create a campaign and get funded in cryptocurrency, whether it is for a business, an organization, to launch an event or to ask for solidarity.

Low fees and cashback for contributors are two incentives that BlockBoosted implements, made possible thanks to the use of the Ethereum blockchain and its smart-contracts. It makes crowdfunding more viable for project leaders and fairer for contributors.

You have a project ? Customize your page and chose all the features of your crowdfunding campaign in minutes. Currency, type of goal, rewards if you want to…

Example of a crowdfunding campaign on BlockBoosted

You want to support a project ? Nothing easier ! Connect your wallet, go to its page, choose the amount you wish to donate and voila ! And don’t forget to claim your cashback once a week ! The more you help, the more you get.

Creators and project leaders get more. So do the contributors. Fair and decentralized crowdfunding is coming to life with BlockBoosted.

Stay tuned as more information about BlockBoosted are coming soon. The future of crowdfunding is coming…

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BlockBoosted Team

Crowdfunding reinvented with #blockchain. Raise funds in cryptocurrency. Support your favorite projects and get rewarded.